Volumetrics Medical Systems, LLC

Volumetrics Medical Systems LLC

About Us

Olaf von Ramm

Chief Technology Officer

Olaf von Ramm, PhD, our Chief Technology Officer, revolutionized the global medical ultrasound imaging industry. He co-invented Real-Time 3D/4D Medical Ultrasound Imaging and designed and commercialized the world’s first 4D ultrasound imaging system via Volumetrics Medical Imaging Inc. (VMI). VMI’s technology, e.g., enables patients and doctors to see the heart beat, or the fetus move, on a computer screen. VMI successfully licensed von Ramm’s VMI patents to the worldwide medical ultrasound industry.  Dr. von Ramm is Duke University Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine.

Mark Foster


Mark Foster, our CEO, led Volumetrics Medical Imaging Inc. (VMI) for a decade as President, General Counsel & CFO. Foster successfully directed VMI’s global patent enforcement litigation, licensing it’s disruptive real-time 3D/4D technology to the worldwide ultrasound industry including GE, Siemens, Samsung, Toshiba and Philips. Under Foster’s management, VMI produced a substantial financial return to employees and investors including Duke University. Earlier, Foster was Natus Medical Inc.’s General Counsel, acting CFO, EVP for HR, Regulatory, Manufacturing and R&D, and Chairman of Natus  UK and  Japan. Foster is Founder of Law Offices of Mark Foster. He’s been manager and lawyer for over ten successful startups that went public or were acquired.

Kent Moore

Chief Medical Officer

Kent Moore, MD, DDS, our Chief Medical Officer, is a Physician and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with extensive clinical and scholarly work, including in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). An internationally recognized leader in diagnosis and treatment of OSA and other serious conditions, Dr. Moore has been involved in leadership positions in multiple national medical and clinician organizations. A prolific researcher, author and inventor, he holds numerous patents including in the fields of diagnosis and clinical treatment of OSA and other serious conditions.